Month: April 2014

I Do Not Know What To Say But I Will Try To Clarify Some Things

I continue to remain frightfully weak.

It is an effort to go out and walk a few blocks to get something to eat each day.

I feel like I failed, and I accept responsibility for this failure.

There is very little fight left in me.

Bad things are coming to America, and I do not see what I can to to stop them any more.

It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

I may simply stay in Reno until either the dollar collapses, or some sort of false flag event precipitates martial law.

I just don’t know.

I do know that I am too weak to consider dragging my iMac around, or going anywhere in the near future.

My human contact here is minimal.

I just do not feel like relating to other people. How can I share with them who I am and what I have been through? I feel like I would only be rejected if I did. I have had more than enough rejection in my life. I am certainly not going to ask for any more.

I do try to keep up with current events on the Internet. This is about the only productive thing I do. I listen to what others are saying… and I think about things. I expect to continue to do this.

A fellow on the Internet that tried to warn others named Mike Ruppert recently committed suicide. Thankfully, I am not in this place. (I am going to fight forever to stay above water in this regard.)

No matter what mistakes I may have made that led to failure, my claims that what I have learned and discovered about health are crucial to the survival of both America and humanity are still valid, and I stand behind them 100%. This is true despite the fact I do not have the means to use such understanding on myself.

Maybe I will regain some strength over time.

I can only hope in the above regard.

I am hanging on as best as I can.

I sure hope I did not throw away my life in vain.

What will be will be without any more input from me, I guess.

The above is true for the time being, until I regain some strength (hopefully).

Although there are times I feel very ashamed of my failure to effect real change, there are also times I realize I did my best for a very long time, and perhaps few would have lasted as long as I did.

I felt I owe my team and those that have supported me honesty, regardless of how ugly honesty is. It is in this spirit that this blog was written. I may not rise out of the ashes again, and all should be prepared for this.

My advice to all—> If ever a similar situation arises, don’t leave someone like me (any discoverer of significance) hanging for years on end. Every person has their limitations, especially as they grow older.

Fighting while undergoing multiple assassination attempts by the Mafia is no picnic, believe me. Even the lulls between murder attempts are quite stressful, for the victim (in this case me) never knows when they will try to kill him or her again.

Do not expect a 60 year old to have the mental or physical stamina of a 20 or 30 year old. Age appears to have finally caught up to me.

I have finally broken down. Now I can only pray that I get better.

A final thought–> between the Illuminati/NWO folks, the Federal Government, and the Mafia, it is not wise to try to beat all three. My proposal for Silicon Valley and the Mafia to overthrow the Federal Government and lock out the Illuminati’s NWO Agenda was, and still is a good one. I cannot make this happen, it is up to the parties named.

That’s about all that I have to say today.

Allen D