Allen D Remarks On A Judy Collins Interview In Regard 2 Her Son’s Suicide

Allen D Remarks On A Judy Collins Interview In Regard 2 Her Son’s Suicide



The Shame of this is I FOUND THE PROPER BIOCHEMICAL MANNER to Deal With Depression And Alcoholism FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD by April 2000.

Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)


Depression is My Specialty. I find it hard to believe that anyone on the planet knows more about how to cure depression than I do.

If I ever had a chance to debate the entire Harvard Medical School Staff about “how to treat depression”, they would not stand a chance in hell of winning this debate with me.

I Pray 2 God I live long enough to See the Answers I have found in the above regards (and so much more) applied both Nationwide and Worldwide.

I also Pray that I live long enough “to tell Judy Collins face to face that I found the Cure that was needed here”.

Truly Stated by Your Humble Servant of God,

Allen D