A Team Of 3 WordPress Website Developers Worked About Twelve Hundred Hours 4 MsGoogle In 3 Weeks (2-22-14) Blog>

I know I put in 150 hours for the first week, and at least 120 – 130 hours per week after that.

This gets me up to about 400 hours of “being on duty and functioning” in one way or another from FEB1st until FEB22.

Assuming that there are two people on the other end helping me in real time, and assuming that “they worked what I worked hours-wise”—>

That means 400 times 3 or about 1,200 man hours spent on developing websites in order to “make the 1st Internet Woodstock happen as it should”.

Besides the people in California helping me, there is also a WordPress Expert in Florida helping us as well.

Whatever hours (this number could be considerable) that Mark J of put in in February to help us is—>

In additional to the 1,200 hours of work I am referring to in this blog.

Given the fact that there is only one author of the blog copy itself, we still put out an awful lot of professional looking blogs and web pages.

Many of these blogs and web pages were done.

Many of these blogs and web pages admittedly need a little or a lot more work to be completed.

Regardless of the above—>

Who blogs in this volume anywhere in America? and—>

Who blogs in this volume anywhere in the world?

Who would find the need to blog this much?

What would they be blogging about if they did?

“Seven Bridges Road”…By The Eagles >

Our WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Internet Team is Unique! that’s for sure.

I pray Google has accepted the reins offered to them in regard to—>

Click here—> this iROCK Freedom Concert thing (or click here for a second website under development regarding the 1st Internet Woodstock), and—>

I pray that Google will do the Right Thing, whatever that Right Thing may be.

I also pray I live long enough to meet my San Francisco Friends 4 real.

As long as I retain Internet Eyewitness Protection without significant gaps in it, I should be OK.

Alone, i dunno what the future has in store for me.

However, I do know that this February I have sorely pissed off a lot of powerful adversaries,  especially the U.S. Federal Government (which would love to sneakily invoke the NDAA on me).

I sure hope that I get some WordPress or Google Company soon, because—>

I have an already ticketed Amtrak train ride to San Francisco this upcoming Friday (the 28th).

This is a train that “I am extremely reluctant to ride on alone” because—>

“I may not make it to my destination if I do”.

The above was prepared by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America


ADOGG’s Most Important WordPress/iDESK In Regard 2 Suppression

on Suppression by Allen D




*Federal Government Suppression Of Truth* That A Google Search Easily Found

ArticlesEconomics— 12 May 2012
Is the U.S. Government Deliberately Suppressing Fuel Efficiency?Most people would logically believe that the U.S. government works for the citizens of America – after all, that is why we continue to pay taxes, right? The perceived good intentions of the American government are increasingly being called into question even among the previously naive, as government collusion with big business often takes precedence over the individual or even society as a whole.A recent video is going viral showing an American man describing his European vacation experience in a rental Volkswagon Passat while in the UK.  He was shocked to see the vehicle was getting 50+ miles-per-gallon carrying four adults and hefty luggage. He discovered that without the typical vacation load, the UK’s VW Passat could run a whopping 65+ miles per gallon.Back in the States, he contacted a Volkswagon dealer about the diesel model, but the best mileage available was 44 miles-per-gallon from the TDI Passat model. When pressed, the dealer finally admitted, “The US Government won’t allow it.” Why exactly would fuel efficiency be suppressed, and how widespread is this inequality?The dealer explained:

  • VW makes American models for Americans.
  • VW does manufacture that fuel efficient motor, but it is shipped to South America and other countries, no sales allowed here.
  • Ford also makes cars with 70+ mpg ability — only permitted for sale to other countries.
  • US Gov’t won’t allow due to “economic” reasons.

Originally, the dealer told him the reason had to do with pollutants, but better fuel efficiency would be less polluting, wouldn’t it?

The United States been in the dark about mileage abilities, always yearning and waiting for more innovation or legislative mandates. Meanwhile, other countries’ drivers zip around on more than double our most fuel efficient vehicles, partly thanks to U.S. manufacturers.

Americans have been told repeatedly by politicians that we must force car companies to make more fuel efficient cars through legislation.  One must also wonder if the American people would have been forced to bail out the major car companies in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis had there not been restrictions on these companies in the first place to sell their most innovative products to the biggest consumer market in the world?

It’s unclear precisely when the U.S. government began to suppress innovation in favor of special interests, presumably Big Oil in this instance, but the practice has clearly had ripple effects which are also paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

The politicians apparently believe it’s better to fight expensive wars for oil, or drill in environmentally sensitive locations, rather than lift the restrictions on the sale of fuel efficient cars.  They continue to use Detroit as a straw man and blame them for the lack of fuel efficient cars, but what will they claim when the American people discover the truth like the gentleman who made the video?

Please check for yourself to corroborate what is discussed in the video below:

Volkswagon U.S. Specs HERE
Volkswagon U.K. Specs HERE

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